Smoked Out 12.26.09

Whats Good? Kinda of a Extended Smoke Out today. Check www.HailMaryJane.com for an even longer Smoke Out aka Daily Toke with way more links and tracks. It is time for snowboarding to people.

Sunday In The Park, The best youtube snowvboard video series I have seen.

Some good old Jibbing.

Worldwide Wednesday: The 50 Hottest American Women
20 Truly Epic Pictures
Google For Men vs Women
Your Morning Sports Fix
Have Yourself A Wicked Hip-Hop Christmas

Daily Tracks.

3 New Tracks Off LilWyte & DJRitz - Wyte Christmas

Christmas Story (Lil Boosie, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Kanye West, T-Pain, Jim Jones, Wyclef & Lil Wayne) [Parody]


Curren$y Talks Center Edge Territory

Mos Def, Curren$y and Jay Electronica aka Center Edge Territory are not doing albums just songs.
Who cares what they do, this is going to be some amazing music.


Merry Christmas Pot Heads

Smoked Out 12.09.09 Merry Christmas

The King Back [Video]
The Top 50 Geeky Moments of 2009
50 Best Rap Songs of 2009
66 Women Who Wowed 2009
NaS & Damian Marley - Distant Relatives (Artwork x Track List)
10 Movie Events That Shaped the Decade (For Movie Fans)

New Tracks.....
AlleyBoy - Im Next
Billy Blue - Sweet Dreams
Blaq Poet, Jaysaun & Termanology - King of the Jungle (Falside Remix)
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Break Up to Make Up
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Roam In Ya Zone
Drake - Its Been A Pleasure
Mistah Fab, Okwerdz, Slug & Lush One - Different Class
Playboy Tre - Xmas Eve in Decatur
Royce Da 5'9" - Psycho Flow
Shaun Boothe Feat. Talib Kweli - Concepts 
Young Jeezy - Big Dogg (I Wanna Rock)
Young Buck - Raindrops
Wale - Bedrock Freestyle


Smoke Out 12.23.09 Sometimes I worry about my short attention span, but not for long

Facebook Cited in 20 Percent of 2009 Divorces[Asylum]
Will Smith's son and Jackie Chan in Karate Kid[Celeb Karaoke]
These Shirts are tight,specially the weed one[Street Level]
Buggyrollin might go maistream[KSAPCE.TV]
Old School youtube Flachbacks

Gang Starr makes this video so much better than it really is.

Amazing short documentary of Detroit. Worth watching all 13 minutes to see how the people
of Detroit have been robbed by the Detroit Mayors.
Some good weed songs from the year that was 2009.
Off the album Jet Files

Off the album Category F5

Mac Mall - Cali Crack
Dj Boriqua1 Mixtape: Hosted by Hustlah of the Mob Figaz



The site is going threw some layout changes and will be back to normal today or tonight. Until then check out www.HailMaryJane.com.


@FlyC - The Business Proposal 12.25.09

Fly C - The Business Proposal - 12.25.09
Previous: Paul Lowe Jr. Feat. FLY-C - Your Not The One

Termanology – 100Barz Freestyle (Video)

Shouts to 2dopeboys

Top 10 Samples in Hip-Hop History

DJ Funktual goes threw Top 10 Samples in Hip-Hop History - Part I.
He does 9 or 10 more videos of these with all different samples.
Samples Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Biggie, Beastie Boys and many more have used...

Singles 12.20.09. It's Safe To Say, We Like Brown Chicks.


@MarkMilly - #MemoryLoss





 Listening to it now. Download this asap. Hard Copies coming soon and 
you know I will  be coping on of those.

Singles 12.16.09 Doing nothing is very hard to do...you never know when you're finished.

4 New Tracks Of Tapemasters Inc. Gucci Mane - So Icey X-Mas
Fianlly Gucci & Akon track, Fire^

3 New Tracks Off We Are Young Money in stores DecemBURR 22.
Already have mine pre-ordered....

Not on the album^

From Lil Wayne - The Rebirth  in stores Feb. 16 


Top 10 Blogs of 09


1. HMJ
This Was Suppost To be A Sports Blog , But Then I Got High.
HMJ is the best blog for a weed smoker. Not only does it have all the news about Marijuana , but all the things potheads love about weed. So many lists about weed from all different type of angles. Contains all the best Marijuana picture from around the web. Just like a pothead Huruoc evens get to high to update it. By far my favorite weed blog around and the best on my list. Watch of for HMJ in 210.

2. DGB
The Realest Blog Ever
With two of the most real bloggers I have ever talked to Haze & Moe, plus their latest addition dre, DGB for the second year proves to be the best Rap/Trap Music blog. Although MuzikFene seems to have more exclusives, he is always going on hiatus for awhile at times. Moe and Haze  are real dudes  dropping some of the hottest music on the web. How they were not  on XXL Top 100 Blogs of 2009 is beyond AHuyes and me, but regardless we know the are real dudes not some punk kid like most of these random ass blogs.

3. Sermons Domain
Reviews & The Best Underground Hip-Hop
Not many blogs on the net do what Sermon does and that is a real review of a Album, Mixtape, or Movie/Video. Not only does he do a review, but it drops the day or one day after it drops. He also has a lot of the underground hip-hop scene that most other blogs don't showcase. Big reason why Sermon  is so high up is for all the underground muisc.

4. 2dopeboys
Like Sermon, 2dbs have a lot of the underground ish that I really like. They also have most of your exclusives you see on the other 324723 hip-hop blogs. The story behind 2dbs is truly amazing and you should know about it. He works really hard to bring you some of the nets best hip-hop.

5. HIF
I swear they have more haters than Lil Wayne
Now I know there are a lot of haters out there and HIF seems to have them all. There is no other blog that has more haters that visit everyday to download all their music they post. Every comment for Singles there are more than half of the comments of people talking shit complaining about the ratings or not posting this or that. While the best part of HIF are really only 2 things. They have all the tracks from that day from around the web and MidNites Throw Backs. I don't know what  is with all these Link Bucks coming back. I remember back in the summer of 08 when Swagger Like Us dropped and it wasn't linked up with Link Bucks. Shouts to Mid & Emi for holding shit down.

6. Real DJs Do Real Things
It's Not hating If It's True
Aww Tech Support... one of the only dudes on the net that is so real about Hip-hip msuic and blogging [besides DJ VLAD]. Tech is the shit plain and simple, he knows what the fuck he talking about when he speaks. You can't win in a fight/beef with this mother fucker. I saw him talking shit at HIF  and found out about him back in 08 and have been a fan of his work since then. One of the few DJ's that showcase his skills weekly and Live. I know Tech is probally mad that he is in the same Top 10 as Sermon and HIF but I'm straight up and this how I feel and I know Tech can respect me for that.

7. The Smoking Section
Respecting You Fresh Since 2005
I don't know anyother Hip-Hop blog that seems to work harder than TSS. They have all different type of hip-hop posts. Not just music, mixtapes, and videos. They have write ups, real hip-hop artists tapes/tracks, and a lot of  of good hip-hop news. Gotti sure does do work for TSS. The best is all their differrent type of write-ups on mixtapes, albums, or artists.

Your daily fix of all Mixtapes.
If you love Mixtapes like I do, you will love MIXFEED. They have all info on Mixtapes. No one else has the updates they do. They know about all the new and release a lot of the tapes to download and purchase. They keep you updated from the time the tape is talked about to moment it is released for download.

9. Theo Spark
Last Of The Few
Now this is the only blog that has nothing to do with ho-hop at all. I don't know where I found this blog at. This is one of the funniest blogs I have ever been to. So many great jokes, news, and videos of Government, Military and around the world. Best place for great pictures and stories or quotes. One of the most creative blogs I visit daily.

The Buzz
the LIFE.FILEs have all of your pop-culture news for you a daily basis. They have some of the most interesting stories. lots of exclusive, hip-hop, and rumors on this blog. Would not be surprised if there was a magazine for them in the near future.

Honorable Mentions
Not in any order.

Singles 12.15.09 I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.


[VIDEO] Gucci Mane - Heavy

Best track off Gucci Mane - TSVRD in stores now. Which I bought yesterday along with So Far Gucci because I support artists instead of bootlegging everything like most of us....
Gucci Mane - Heavy

12.13.09. The road to success is always under construction.

Buck loves Detroit....

2 New Tracks From The Snowman, TM103 coming soon....

The Business Proposal Drops Dec. 25

Paul Lowe Jr. felt that he didn't properly channel the anger his situation had caused in the original record so this rock remix was put into motion! In case you missed the original version, I'd recommend grabbing this because the rock beat works wonders with Fly's verse! Also, look out for Fly C's upcoming tape, coming on Christmas Day! The Business Proposal

This is what the rebirth should sound like. Beat is sick.

 The Business Proposal is coming people be on the look out on Christmas Day.
Follow the Homie FLY-C on Twitter


You don't know a women till you've met her in court.

By the way I have gotten rid of .blogpsot. The web address is now www.anempiremania.com.

The Gangsta Snowboarding video from yesteerday has showed me this is The Boss Of Snowboard Video..

The 12 best trampoline dunks of all-time[Epic Carnival]
NY Post describes Wayne's Condo[HHU]

Tracks Shouts to gagetrain 
Beat is sick^


Smoke Out 12.11.09 Hmm Maybe I Should Quit...

 No Poll Coming. Good music and links to check out while smoking down some green.

Gangster Ass Snowboard Video. These kids can ride.

Funny ass video Chris Brown Spoof....

Review: Ace Hood - Street Certified[Sermons Domain]
Meet the Greatest Worst Rapper in Iowa[The Rap-Up]
The 25 Worst Album Covers of the Decade (2000-2009[Gunaxin]
Craigslist Posting: Thug Rapper for Hire[The Rap-Up]
50 Cent: “The best rapper in the world is a white man”[The Rap-Up]
Absinthe Neverland Opening Scene[Snowboarding Blog]

CM, YM, Poe Boy Street Certified dropping 2010

Beat is so sick....


Well Damn @MarkMilly

#MemoryLoss is coming people. Here is a little Huge taste of the DMV and Mark Milly. Well I did not think he was going to release this track. Him and I briefly talked about They Don't Know to be leaking, but like I said briefly talked. Anyways this is the track I was looking most foward to hearing because I will be able to hear more  DMV MCs instead of Milly and Fuez. Just like Milly and Fuez they all have that flow and heart in the lyrics and prove Baltimore is alive in the Hip-Hop scene.
#MemoryLoss Drops Dec.17, 2009
Personally I feel Fuez B had the hardest verse on this one.

TIME - So Gone [Smoking Made Music]


Can you say smoking made music. Now only if ihatetime.blogspot.com would post a download link for his tape Overgrind: The Mixtape that would be nice. Who knows maybe this will fall onto Hail Mary Jane's Mixtape Volume 1 or 2, or I may just post it on HMJ. We shall see.. Shout out to the homie TIME

Smoke Out 12.10.09. Some people get so rich they lose all respect for humanity. That's how rich I want to be.

Instead great Snowboarding Compilations, Heres some crashes..

Lil Wayne is Now Working For The DEA

16 Reasons Why Alcohol Should Be Served At Work[Theo Spark]
100 Best Albums of the Decade[Rolling Stones
How Huge Is the Internet on an Average Day?[Gizmodo]
Pandora Aims for Free In-Car Music Streaming[PCMag]
If The Internet Named TV Shows[College Humor]


Random Ass Mixtape Of The Day

Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa - How Fly dropped on August 9, 2009. One of the best mixtapes of 09.

Random Ass Album of the Day

File:Pray IV Reign.jpg
Pray IV Reign is the fourth album by Jim Jones released March 24, 2009, and is his first album on a major label.
Jim Jones - Na Na Nana Na Na (Feat. NOE & Brittney Taylor)
Jim Jones - How To Be A Boss (Feat. Ludacris & NOE)
Best Sing On The Album^
Jim Jones - Frienemies
Jim Jones -  Pop Off (Feat. NOE & Mel Matrix)

Smoked Out 12.09.09. Weed Makes The World Calmer...

Back on it. A bunch of weed links and how Apple is going to save file-sharing music. A lot of  new music and good music posted.       

Top 10 Tricks.lol Travis Rice is number 1 with a Triple Backflip 360

Some Amazing Ticks

Dear New Era…[The Smoking Section]
A Trip To Woodstock[Hail Mary Jane]
Suggestions On How to Legalize Weed[Hail Mary Jane]
10,000 BLUNTS AGO[The Spizzy]
The Truth about Marijuana the Government doesn't want you to know [Mr.Lunks Hide Out]
Review On Grandaddy Black[Marijuana Reviews]
Apple Has Saved File-Sharing  Music[Gizmodo]
Huge Pot Bust[FOX Boston]

Off Wyte Christmas (Hosted by DJ Ritz) Dropping This Christmas

Cocaine Music 4 is coming....

Marijuana News

Czech Republic to Decriminalize Personal Marijuana Possession
Like Mexico, The Czech's have made a smart decision to Decriminalize personal Marijuana use. Now I only know/knew about five %100 Czech from Czech Republic and none of them smoke only drink, but none of them had anything against pot.  So this doesn't surprise me to much. I'm sure in the next 5 to 10 years a bunch of Countries will do the same.
According to the Wall Street Journal:
“The plant still remains illegal, however, though from the new year possession of five or less plants is merely a misdemeanor, and fines for possession will be on par with penalties for parking violations.”
Check the full story HERE.


The State vs Radric Davis

DecemBUR  8th.
 Gucci Mane - Movie
Gucci Mane Feat. Wooh Da Kid - Volume
 Gucci Mane - Classical
No posts today. Check www.HailMaryjane.com


Smoked Out 12.02.09 A man's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another drink.

Got a bunch of new tracks and links for today. Hit up www.HailMaryJane.com and check some Marijuana News floating around. Once again in the poll Weed has won again and there will be more weed posts like I said.
Send articles to Twitter.com/MaryJaneEmpire

Another awesome Snowboard Freestyle Video. The Winter is Here

The Top 8 Post-Accident Tiger Woods’ Endorsement Deals[Coed Mag.]
Ron Artest Talks About Drinking Hennessy At Halftime!!![the Life.Files]
A Shoe For A Shoe[the Life.Files]
Ten Albums We Wanna See in 2010[Paste Mag.]
Video: Ed Lover “C’mon Son” Pt. 7[ The Smoking Section]
Oaksterdam vs Amsterdam[HMJ]
Yo Amsterdam, Time To Step Your Game Up![Marijuana Reviews]
You thought it was Spinach, huh! Well guess again![Mr. Lunk]

New Tracks 12.02.09
Over a Michelle Branch sample.


Juve Talks About The Next Generation Of Hip-Hop

Cocky & Confident in stores next Tuesday.
Juve explains a little about hip-hop...
Shouts to Sermon

[Mixtape] DJ Berzerk Presents TACK - Spec-TACK-ular


Straight from Tack:
DJ Berzerk presents Spec-TACK-ular the mixtape. Upcoming artist Tack dropped his 2nd mixtape December 1, 2009. It's definitely something that everyone should at least take the time to listen to. Alot of hard work went into this tape, and Tack doesn't plan to stop making music anytime soon. You can expect big thems from him in the future. For now get your buzz up and download this mixtape!
02.Work Never Over
03.Infected ft. ReA
04.Ima Dawg
05.Different Flows Freestyle
06.Rock Jump(Snippet)(Bonus)
07.Count A Million Bucks ft. Prohaize
08.Just Spittin
10.Sound Of The Night

11.Water Rain
12.Trade Shoes
14.All Of the Above ft. Tack(BONUS)
15.Titties Money Beer(BONUS)


Now I was randomly sent this in my email today from Tack, and no offense wasn't to sure about this. But like all the stuff I get sent I always check it out and I was blown away before the Intro was even over. From the first to the 8 track it is not stop creative rhymes and flowing from Tacks. Kinda drops off at the end until he starts remixing over Eminem beats. No one remixes over Ems beats ever and Tack did it perfectly. The crossed out tracks are the ones I wasn't feeling, so what does that tell ya. It is a awesome mixtape, 4/5. Put a couple sick lines from the tape.
Ya'll some silly rabbits and I love to eat Trixs. 

Sniffin out n*ggas like my name Scooby Doo. 

I'm not aiming at your cup/I'm aiming at your head
But if you get up in my way/Them consider yourself dead

When you lost girl/I find you in my brain

She aiming at my heart/But she had some bad aim

Contact Tack:

Mixtaoe Drop

Shouts out to @MIXFEED for all of these tapes....
Slab Up, Mick Boogie & Terry Urban Present:
Chip Tha Ripper - The Cleveland Show

Track List:
01. Intro (Prod. by S.O.V.)
02. Movie (Prod. by Boi-1da)
03. Wake Up Fool (Prod. by RJ Da Fool)
04. Owe You (Prod. by Big Duke)
05. She Cold (Prod. by Rami & Dez)
06. Fat Raps Ft. Curren$y & Big Sean (Prod. by Chuck Inglish)
07. Feel Good (Prod. by S.O.V. )
08. Roll Up (Prod. by SKI TEAM)
09. Mic Check (Prod. by Jake One)
10. Dear Hip Hop Ft. Naledge & 6th Sense (Prod. by Canei Beats)
11. Get Down (Prod. by S.O.V. )
12. Couple Dollas Ft. Skooda Chose (Prod. by Rami)
13. Like That (Prod. by Blitz Beats)
14. Never Come Close To (Snippet) (Prod. by S.O.V. )
15. Whoa Ft. Pootie Tang (Prod. by S.O.V. )
16. Back to Cleveland (Prod. by Rami & Dez)
17. Wonder Why Ft. Mikkey Halsted & Carter (Prod. by Avery Andon Beats)
18. Anne's Plan (Prod. by Terry Urban)
19. Rap 4 Sale (Prod. by Dual Output Beats)
20. Mansion (Prod. by Rami)
21. Every Year (Prod. by Jesty Beatz)
22. Waddup Bum (Prod. by ABC Beats)
23. So Bad (Prod. by ABC BEATS)
24. To Cold (Prod. by S.O.V. )
25. Sprinkle Me (Prod. by Hi-Tek)
26. Broke Ass Hoe (Prod. by Rami & Dez)
27. Check Please (Prod. by J. Praize Beats)
The tape a lot of people have bee waiting for is finally here.

Big Mike, Evil Empire & French Montana - Black Friday
The Mac & Cheese 2 Appetizer

Track List:
01. Married To The Streets (Remix) (Feat. Mase & Akon)
02. Psycho Groupie
03. Take It Over (Feat. Dame Grease)
04. Pop Bottles
05. Whatever Man
06. Shake The Game
07. I'm So Wavy (Feat. Max B, Hollywood Fergie, & Dyber)
08. Uh Huuh
09. That Come Back (Feat. Sky High)
10. The New Wave (Feat. Max B & Dame Grease)
11. Tonight (Feat. Max B)
12. I'm The One
13. When We Come Thru (Feat. Ransom)
14. Porno Star (Feat. Max B)
15. What Your Money Like (Feat. Max B)
16. Take You Home (Feat. Max B, Dame Grease, & Hollywood Fergie)
17. No, No, No (Feat. Max B)
18. Henny & My 44
19. Stick Up Boyz (Feat. Max B)
20. Lay Down
21. New York Minute (Remix) (Feat. Mase & Jadakiss)
22. All About My Money (Feat. Chinx Drugz)

Will update when download link hits the web. Just showing the track list.

U.S.D.A. - C.T.E. 4 LifeHosted By Bigga Rankin & Slick Pulla

Track List:
01. Aint No Problem (Intro)
02. Ballin
03. So Sad
04. Checking Bank
05. Look At Me
06. Biggest Movie Ever
07. Contact
08. Ask These Hoes Bout Me
09. Checking On My Hoes
10. Bag Music
11. Trap Or Die 2
12. Stuntin
13. Rep My City
14. Shottas
15. Mystery
16. Outro
All of these tracks have leaked from USDA for the last 2 months.
Here are all of them in one.

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