The Tell All Interview w Miss Info Episode 4

Gucci Mane: The Road To The State Vs Radric Davis:
The Tell All Interview w Miss Info
Episode 4
DecemBUR 8th....

Smoked Out 11.30.09: Love your neighbor - but don't pull down your hedge. Becasue the might see what is growing.

Whats good people? Here are a some new links from around the web today. See that many of you of the 10 people that visit here smoke weed. Did not know that, so there will be more post on weed. Until then check Hail Mary Jane.
So I forgot to throw a video on the last Smoke Out, so here are two videos for today.

Since I woke up to the windshield and door frozen I figure it is time for snowboarding videos. Throughout the winter there will be a tone of snowboarding videos on here.

Marijuana Motion Picture. A whole bunch of great weed pictures that I really haven't seen.

Daily Links
8 things every guy secretly wishes his girlfriend would do[Guyism]
At This School, It’s Marijuana in Every Class [New York Times]
Department of Defense Buys 2,200 PS3s to Upgrade Supercomputer[Gizmodo]
Some Cool Keyboard Tricks That Few People Know About[Make Use Of]
Students get schooled on hip-hop at Minn. college[Yahoo News]

New Tracks 11.30.09
CDQ Version
3 New Tracks From Southwest Detroit Native...
Rico Fonzarelli - Y'all Don't Want No Problems
Over Lil Wayne & Gcci Mane - We Steady Mobbin

Friendly Competition via {@FuzeB & @MarkMilly}

Stated by Milly at The Incredible Creation:
What would you call a mixtape featuring two hungry, up & coming artists who strive for perfection in everything that they do?
Meet: Fuze B {New Jersey} & Mark Milly {Baltimore}
Don't forget to add the @'s in front of their names because this mixtape was inspired by the great social networking community of "Twitter"... so follow up!
These 2 "artists" were introduced to each other through twitter a little less than a year ago and since then it's been collab after collab after collab!
So why not drop a mixtape, together?!
But! This isn't just any mixtape... and don't think of them as a 'duo' just yet.
Because they only have two songs together throughout this whole entire project!
You may ask why (?!) Well, simply because the title is..

Ya'll do the math & pick a winner!
I just turned this on and so far it is fire. So happy there is finally some new Milly and Fuzeb. They seem to go really well together on this tape and with these beats. Memory Loss is dropping Dec. 17.
1. Start
2. For The Haters (snippet) - Mark Milly
3. Ransom Flow - Fuze B
4. Know What I'm About - Mark Milly
5. If You Got A Problem - Fuze B
6. Let The Guitar Play - Mark Milly
7. Have My Money Right - Fuze B
8. In Real Life - Mark Milly
9. Toss Ya Emotions - Fuze B
10. First Day Of Life - Mark Milly
11. I'm The One - Fuze B
12. Do The Milly Milly (snippet) - Mark Milly
13. Maybe I Am - Fuze B
14. Pussy Killz [Interlude] - Mark Milly
15. Every Fake Girl - Fuze B
16. Finish


A @Milly Film..

Is It Only Me?! [musical visual] from Mark Milly on Vimeo.
A visual to go along with Milly's "Is It Only Me?" track, produced by: QB & Nascent!


Is It Only Me?! [musical visual] from Mark Milly on Vimeo.

A visual to go along with Milly's "Is It Only Me?" track, produced by: QB & Nascent!



**The 1st of many musical visuals that we have to offer... it'll all get better with time! STAY TUNED**

Straight Milly at The Incredible Creation. New music video Film from Milly with his It's Only Me playing.

[Smoked Out] 11.29.09 You're not going to check the trunk are you? Officer

SouthernSmoke.tv Joins Forces with DatPiff.com[DJ Smallz]
Cannabis Cup Winners[CelebStoner]
Legal Marijuana: It's Coming, Whether You Like it or Not[Stop The Drug War]
Sky Scrapper Building Jumping?[Afro Jacks]
Obama Is Clueless[Theo Spark]
22 Pictures And 1 Video From The Epicenter Of The Mexican Drug War[Caveman Circus]
Spray On Jesus[@p014k]
If Product Placement Invaded Everyday Life[Cracked]
Yea Nigga It's A Dyson[Afro Jacks]

11.29.09 Singles

Horrible song except for Yeezy...
No DJ/CDQ Version

Creative Control

Smokey Robinson is coming....


Party Up! @MarkMilly

The brand new club smash
"Party Up"
comes from
Lucky a.k.a Mark Milly & Reality 'The Don'
2 young, aspiring recording artists from Baltimore, MD
who also happen to be business partners & entrepreneur's...
with two growing companies/lifestyle brands building a buzz
in and around the entertainment industry.

Here goes their first major single of 2009 which also will carry over into 2010!

[Party Up] (Mixtape Version) http://www.divshare.com/download/8580755-585
[Party Up] (Mixtape Version) [Acapella] http://www.divshare.com/download/9528686-0fb
[Party Up] Full Package [includes all thee above] http://www.divshare.com/download/9528938-15e

for more info

(443) 744 2624 - Lucky

Straight from Mark Milly and The Incredible Creation.
More ish from my man Milly. This is Milly's first Official Single. It is def. a club banger with some smooth vocals over it by Milly and Reality 'The Don'. Peep this asap, Memory Loss drops Dec. 17.....


Once again Tech shits on Exit8 can't wait til this kid is done, but it has been fun watching Tech

HMJ Shirts Are Here

I've been talking about this for a while but they are finally here. T-shirts and various other accessories and to support the movement. Right now our store over at Zazzle is a little unorganized but you can still go to it and check out various designs. A portion of all proceeds will go to buying weed. That's reason enough to buy a shirt. Shout outs to my homey Leroy from www.theefunklord.com for the designs. Best designer ever. Here are a few of my favorites.
You are going to see us with more and more shirts in the upcoming weeks. Go to the store and buy a shirt right now.ALL HAIL MARY JANE!

Quick Thought

Just a quick thought on this whole thing with Rick Ross saying he has won this beef with 50 Cent because of 50 Cent - Before I Self Destruct only selling 156,000 copies and Rick Ross - Deeper Than Rap selling 158,000 copies. Ross outsold 50 by 2,000 copies. That is nothing Ross, you both sold the same amount of records, so technically you guys tied. But if you look at it more you can see that 50 made Ross look really bad with his Ex, Pimpin Curly videos, and exsposing him further with him being a C.O. 50 and Ross both talented rappers, but 50 has one thing on his side Ross does not have, Credibility.
More about Ross winning this beef. HERE

I plead the 5th. of Amsterdam...

This is the second installment of Weed Vs. Weed for HMJ. Check it out and vote when it drops on HMJ today or tomorrow.
My very first post for HMJ was about Indica Vs. Sativa and that gave me an idea about other Weed Vs. Weed things. Such as Bong Vs. Bowl, Brownies Vs. Cookies, or Smoking Alone Vs. Smoking With Your Buddies. So like Indica Vs. Sativa I will give a argument for each thing I pick (not any close to as big as Indica Vs. Sativa) and let you the viewers vote on it. Weed Vs. Weed Things is the spin-off of Indica Vs. Sativa like Frasier and Cheers. If you have any suggestions for this please let me know at: twitter.com/MaryJaneEmpire
Weed Vs. Weed Part 1

I asked and @TheElevatedOne answered with a great Weed Vs. Weed match up, Amsterdam Vs. Oaksterdam. While it may seem like Amsterdam would blow Oaksterdam out of the water, you might think about it a little different after this.

Amsterdam: Amsterdam, every potheads dream vacation. With High Time's Cannabis Cup, Coffee Shops, and just vacationing in Europe makes it such an amazing trip. This is the ideal place for a weed lover, with Coffee Shops where you can purchase weed legally with no license. While many U.S places you cannot not smoke indoors, in Amsterdam you can light your joint right up after you buy it in the Coffee Shop. Everyone seems to think marijuana is %100 legal in Amsterdam, so think again. It is not legal to grow their or posses more than 30 grams at one time. You must be 18 or older and in a private area [home, coffee shop, ect.] Coffee Shops cannot advertise about their Cannabis, Oaksterdam can.

Oaksterdam: Around 7,000 miles away is the great state of Oaksterdam, California aka Oakland has been rumored to becoming the New Amsterdam. Well not entirely, Oaksterdam seems be moving in Amsterdam's footsteps though. They still have a long way to go. While Marijuana is the decriminalized and the lowest priority for the Oakland police, it is still illegal with the Federal Gov't. Amsterdam's Coffee Shops are not getting shut down by their Gov't, like the Federal Gov't constantly shuttung down Medical Marijuana Shops. Unlike Amsterdam, only in Cali and Oaksterdam can advertise their weed, with glow signs of weed leafs and other weed things. From what I have seen from videos, Oaksterdam and Cali seem to have many more to get high instead of just smoking it. From cookies, cakes, and suckers you can get high in so many different ways. All of it sounds good, but you cannot do any of this without the Golden Ticket of the Marijuana license. Though living in that area, I am sure you reap a lot of benefits of the area.
Regardless how much I love California, I just can't choose Oaskterdam on this one. It is still illegal there and the cops I'm sure will still make something out of nothing. Amsterdam is the ideal pothead vacation and will be until Cannabis becaomes legal in the states.

[Smoked Out] The average life expectancy of an enemy soldier in a Chuck Norris film is 4 seconds.

Well this is the type of post we have over at HMJ which is called the Daily Toke. So I plan on doing the same thing as much as I can. There's some good links from some of the sites I visit and new hip-hop tracks. So let me know if you like it or not....

Lil Wayne Doc 'The Carter' Shoots To #1 on iTunes[All hip-Hop]
50 cool things about being a man[Theo Spark]
10 useful video sites to teach you new tech skills[Tech Radar]
5 Star Wars Questions Which Keep Me Up at Night[College Humor]
The 586 Music[586]
30 Traits Of A Good Weed Dealer[Hail Mary Jane]
Smokers Etiquette 101[Hail Mary Jane]

New Sounds of 11.28.09

Supplya Feat. Jody Breeze - We Livin It (Prod by Zaytoven)
Wordsmith - Block Banger (Prod. By Capish)

Off His Album Pain Medicine
Max Minelli - American Hustle


Random Video


New Face..

Wayne had some new face tats inked on lately. What you think?
Pics from Birdmans Priceless Release Party, in stores now.

Weed or Sex

Funny as weed song about liking Weed Better Than Sex. Pretty damn funny...

@MarkMilly #MemoryLoss Mixtape Trailer 2

Shouts Out to Mark Milly:
Recorded last night, less than 12 hours ago.... this is the title track from Lucky a.k.a Mark Milly's next mixtape [MEMORY LOSS] which is slated to be released on his birthday 12.17.09 @ 4:10pm .... "410" is the area code for Baltimore where he reps, resides & is from! *stay tuned* and thanks for ALL support!
This track is off Lucky a.k.a Mark Milly's MEMORY LOSS new mixtape dropping Dec. 17th.

An Empire's Mania is in the video as a Special Thanks. I thank you Milly for being the first artists to feature AEM on his mixtape promo. Than Youi Mark Milly.....

Update 1: Milly just released his second trailer for Memory Loss. Has a awesome remix of
Throwing Rubber Bands.

Get at Milly:

11.27.09 Singles. IHOP for iBongs

And Yes, He Still Remixing...

Sounds like a wannabe Jim Jones


Big Mike, Evil Empire & French Montana - Black Friday The Mac & Cheese 2 Appetizer

Dropping tomorrow Bitches!
Shouts to MIXFEED once again...

Re Up: Game - Can't Leave Rap Alone: The Wests Needs Me 2 DJ Got Now, DJ Kris Styles & DJ Billy Ho

Game - Can't Leave Rap Alone: The Wests Needs Me 2
Presented By: DJ Got Now, DJ Kris Styles & DJ Billy Ho

Dropping this Friday the 13th.
With new tracks with Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Twista. That is a
great line-up. November 13.
Update: Didn't end up dropping until Thanksgiving so heres the download link.
Download Here
Shouts to MixFeed

lupe fiasco - enemy of the state:a love story

01. Intro
02. The National Anthem
03. Turnt Up
04. Yoga Flame
05. Lazers
06. Angels (Remix)
07. So Ghetto
08. Say Something
09. Thank You
10. The One
11. Popular Demand
12. HP Skit

Lupe Fiasco - Enemy of the State: A Love Story

Link from Buck Marley

A highly anticipated mixtape that has finally blessed us on Thanksgiving. Haven't heard it yet
but I'm sure this is some great music.


@MarkMilly - #MemoryLoss Mixtape Update

Shouts Out to Mark Milly:
Recorded last night, less than 12 hours ago.... this is the title track from Lucky a.k.a Mark Milly's next mixtape [MEMORY LOSS] which is slated to be released on his birthday 12.17.09 @ 4:10pm .... "410" is the area code for Baltimore where he reps, resides & is from! *stay tuned* and thanks for ALL support!
This track is off Lucky a.k.a Mark Milly's MEMORY LOSS new mixtape dropping Dec. 17th.

An Empire's Mania is in the video as a Special Thanks. I thank you Milly for being the first artists to feature AEM on his mixtape promo. Than Youi Mark Milly.....

Get at Milly:


You Voted For It and I Will Answer

Dr. Dre - The Chronic CD
It seems that you guys/girls would like to see more Featured Posts on Weed and New Singles. Well there has been a mas amount of New Single post lately and I will be posting more posts about Weed.
Until than check out the Featured Posts
Hail Mary Jane Posts
New Singles
Mary-Jane Mondays
Pic Posts
New Artists Promotion
Futuristic Time
Mixtape Cover of the Day
Fact Time

11.25.09 Singles. Drugs cause amnesia and other things I can’t remember

Off Tenn-A-Keyan 3.5

1 of 4 Bonus Tracks Off Priceless

Off Juvenile's Album Cocky And Confident

Off DJ Smallz, Juicy J and Project Pat - Cut Throat Dropping Thanksgiving

5 New Tracks Off Street Runnaz 43: We Goin Ham


Random Mixtape - Gangsta Grillz: Cam'Ron - Boss Of All Bosses

Gangsta Grillz Pesent: Cam'Ron - Boss Of All Bosses 2009
Best 4 Tracks From The Tape...

11.22.09 Singles.There are two kinds of people who don’t say much: those who are quiet and those who talk a lot.

40 Cal - Warm It Up (Prod. By AraabMUZIK)

G.C. And Top Knotch Feat. Spyda And J-Dog - I Can Tell

Off Get Busy Committee’s “Uzi Does It
Get Busy Committee (Apathy And Ryu) - Say Whaaat

Joel Venom - Nomad (Prod. By Kajmir Royale)
O.C. And A.G. - Alpha Males (Prod. By Lord Finesse)
Petey Pablo - Plenty Money
wtf^ Petey Pablo

Rich Kids - Shawty Fine (Prod. By StunnaMfBaby)

Verse Simmonds Featt. Game, Jermaine Dupri, OJ Da Juiceman, Jim Jones and Juvenile - Buy You a Round (Remix) 
WALE - Beast

Ace Hood - Street Certified

Shouts to Sermon for adding the proper tags...
"Ace dropped this via Twitter yesterday and it came with no tracklist or proper tags. I took the liberty of doing both of them. I'll have a review soon...."
1. Get Off (Intro)
2. I'm Raw
3. Fuck These Niggas
4. You Ain't Know
5. I'm Down
6. Loco With The Cake
7. Nasty
8. You Know What It Is
9. Fed Up
10. I'm Good Freestyle
11. Throw It In The Bag
12. Invented Sex
13. Lost It All
14. Takeova
15. Outro

Buy American Pot

Reason TV: Buy American Pot: A Special Message From the AMGA,
Dedicated to Keep Pot Illegal & Profits High!  

 Funny add showing why weed should be legal...
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