Auto-Tune Has Gone To Far..

Auto -Tune has officially gone to far.
MLK I Have a Dream speech in auto-tune[wtf] is this. Who would waste their time.
Just thought I'd show this video.

Streetz & Young Deuces-Straight Drop Muzik (Mixed & Hosted By DJ Head Debiase Of The Aphilliates)

I have been waiting a couple months for this to drop. Finally it is here
Streetz & Young Deuces-Straight Drop Muzik. FOCHS just sent it to me and I
made sure I instantly put it up here. Luckily Mr. WI has both .RAR & .ZIP files.
Haven't listened to it yet but all the songs that I have heard have been very good.

Download Here [.Zip File]

Download Here [.RAR File]


Friendly Games With R.Ross & A.Roth

Asher Roth and Officer Ricky doing some comedy for Hot 97. Some rock, paper, scissors and beer pong in a friendly battle from The Boss to Roth. It's good to see that Ross can laugh his 50 situation. Caught on Hip Hop Update's Twitter

Eminem - 3 A.M

I was surprised when I woke to only see this track on 2DopeBoys.com.
I figured since everyone new he was releasing his new single 3 A.M
that everyone would have that floating every wehere. Typical Eminem
song, but that is what us Em fans want.

Eminem - 3 A.M

What We Cooked Up....Some How?..

Our Studio looks a lot like this.lol. A little desk with a mixer, mic, and beats.
Except we have to laptops going. So heres what we have gotten out
our Ghetto Recording Studio...He freestyle each beat all the way until
the end. These are just his first verse. Let me know what you think.

Scotty D - Lark On My Go Kart Freestyle

Scotty D - We Made You Freestyle

Scotty D - Be By Myself Freestyle


First-Ever Nationwide Pro-Marijuana TV Ad Launched.......

First-Ever Nationwide Pro-Marijuana TV Ad Launched
Finally the is a commercial that counter acts the Prohibition of Mary-Jane.
Obama you said it best "It's Time For Change"
Courtesy of BluntCruise.com

This Aint No Mixtape is Here

So it is finally here This Aint No Mixtape. Curren$y has been one of my favorite emcees since Where Da Cash At & My House. Too bad his Young Money affiliation was enden early last year. Non the less he still has been dropping hits. I recomend Scared of Monsters. So take the time to listen to the album or better yet download it for $8.99. 9 bucks is it. Support this emcee of real hip-hop. Buy album HERE.
Also check out ThisAintNoMixtape.com & twitter.com/CurrenSy_Spitta
For those that know about this album here are the snippets.

Curren$y - This Aint Know Mixtape Snippets


BFochs & Buck Marley Present: 4/20/2009 (Mixed By DJ Tech Support Of The Soul Selector DJ's)

1. Intro
2. Ludachris – Blue Berry Yum Yum
3. Pheonix Jones Speaks / Phoenix Jones-The Weed Song
4. Weed Skit
5. Twista – Front Porch
6. Twista – Front Porch (dj tech support blend)
7. Collie Budz / Kid Cudi – Day N Nite Remix
8. Young Buck / Kymani Marley – Puff Puff Pass
9. Crucial Conflict – Hay
10. Spaceman - ???
11. Three Six Mafia – Im So High
12. SparkDawg Speaks
13. Young Chris / Lil Wayne – Paradise
14. Redman – Boodah Break
15. Method Man / Carlton Fisk – 4:20
16. Cypress Hill – Roll it up , Light it up
17. Wiz Khalifa Speaks
18. Redman – Whateva Man
19. DJ EFN Speaks
20. NORE - Married to Marijuana
21. The Goats – Wake N Bake
22. UGK / Sleepy Brown – Swishas N Erb
23. Devin The Dude – Cant Make it Home
24. Ill Spoken Speak
25. Ill Spoken – Tryin to Get Blazed
26. Busta Rhymes – Get High
27. Smoke Dza / Sean Kingston – Kush Blow
28. Chronic Keeping 101 (skit)
29. Styles P / Jadakiss – Blow My Mind Remix
30. Daz / Redman – Blaze Up
31. B.C – The Aroma
32. Keith Murrary – Herb is Pumpin
33. Channel Live – Mad Izm
34. Devin The Dude – Doobie Ashtray
35. Outro

So it is finally here. 4/20. Every smokers holiday. BFOCHS , Buck Marley, and
DJ Tech Support of realdjsdorealthings.com bring you 4/20/2009 with some great
songs to sit back to smoke your blunt, joint, bowl, or bong or whatever it maybe.
Mixed by the realest DJ on the internet DJ Tech Support.
Brought to you by:
Real DJs Do Real Things
Buck Marley Exclusives

Download Here
Link From BFOCHS



Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

MuzikFene has the most and best trap music around.
Fuck with

April 13th. Singles

The Game Feat. Germ Ghee - Red Rockin3/5
This song leaked last week with no title and only The Game's
verse was on it. Here is the Full/NODJ/Dirty version.
I don't know if Game should use that auto-tune anymore.

G Boi AKA Mr. Neighborhood Feat. Tenfoe - Umma Hustla
Tenfoe on the hook. Tenfoe is one of my favorite underated emcee.
Very good song to bump with in the car.

Cory Mo - Neighborhood3/5
Heard Cory Mo's name randomly, but never really heard a song only
by him. He is not to bad. I can bump this.
Remember Mike Jones yelling "Cory Mo".lol

Tito Lopez Feat. Sincere - Storytellin4/5
T.I.T.O is by far my favorite underground emcee. His shit is of the wall.
Ever since he has been affiliated with H.I.F, I've been getting everything.

Juvenille Feat. Jay Da Menace & Kange Slim - Alright
Juve back with another good one. It's kind of slow at the start though.
Once Juve gets going the song starts to take off.

Mixtape Cover of the Day....

Mixtape Cover of the Day
G-Unit - Elephant In The Sand
Not a G-Unit or Fat Joe fan really at all. I remember when this
beef was ongoing. 50 has switched to the dark elephant aka Officer Ricky.

'What If They Were Legos Part 8'

Old Dirty Bastard — N***a Please


Good Friday's Hip-Hop Report

Can't Catch Young Buck Yeat...

Young Buck - Can't Catch Me

Well it's true! No one can catch Young Buck with mixtape.
Now he is dropping a new one very soon. Be on the look out.
Young Buck's latest interview here.

The Daily Hit from Bluntcruise.com..

Time take a 'Daily Hit' from the music blunt over at Bluntcruise.com.
Though I missed a couple this is one of my favorite of the last couple.
Courtesy of Blunt Cruise

“my head right, i got the right song // i see now, without the lights on // pythons, ready to box whoever mic on // doin a disservice to those who wanna like Jon // oh what a feelin to hate, it be the new love // rappers don’t wanna be great, they wanna do thug…”

Jon Hope - The Rap Life (Prod. By Statik Selektah)

This Is Why You're Fat...

Hamburger Cake
Hamburger Cake (via flickr)

Chocolate Chip Pancake And Sausage On-A-Stick

Chocolate Chip Pancake And Sausage On-A-Stick (via flickr)

Mixtape Cover of the Day...

Mixtape Cover of the Day
DJ Smallz & Gucci Mane - Free At Last
Courtesy of MIXFEED

'What if they Were Legos Part 7'

Big Pun — Capital Punishment


Tenfoe - Cya x Hot Dollar - In The Building

Tenfoe - Cya4/5
I have been banging Tenfoe since he became part of H.I.F.
Great beat. Reminds me of a Rico F. beat from Detroit.

Bonus: Hot Dollar - In The Building4/5
I like Dollars music sometimes. He has taken shoots at emcees
that I like. But if he drops good music I will listen to it.
The song starts of great by talking the lovable Mary-Jane.

Mixtape Cover of the Day...

Mixtape Cover of the Day
Finally Young Buck is back with a new mixtape.
Young Buck - Back For The Streets
Info courtesy MuzikFene.com
"Previous Snippets such as "DOPE GAME" & "CANT CATCH ME"
Will In FACT be on this Tape In FULL!!!! STREETS BE READY!!!"

'What if They Were Legos Part 6'

TI — King


April 7th. Singles

Serious Jones - Help(I've Been Robbed)5/5
Great Song.
Very few rap songs can I relate to, but this one I can. Being robbed
in Jacksonville at my hotel room by 3, I guess you could call them Goons.
Should have seen it coming when when we started chilling with these
dealers. Being robbed with a gun is by far one of the scarest things.
I don't care how deep in the hood or ghetto you are.

Asher Roth Feat. Cee-Lo - Be Bu Myself4/5
Love this beat. If this is what we can expect from Roth on 4/20,
I can't wait to cop his album.

Kirby Tha Hottest - White Friends4/5
Another song I guess I could relate to.lol Very good track describing
those white friends black people have. It's always good to a have
atleast one white friend or one black friend.lol

The Game - Untitled3/5
The Game goes autotune for this quick verse. Some shouts a t Dr. Dre?
Courtesy Buck Marley

M&D Blendz - Big Kuntry Feat. Yung Joc & Young Dro - Astronaut

Blend By M&D Blendz
Signe Up, to get these great blends.

The Daily Hit - Courtesy BluntCruise.com

The Daily Hit - Courtesy Bluntcruise.com
I have never heard of Gnotes. Now that I have I will def. be looking into
this dude to see what his other tracks are like. Shouts to Blunt Cruise.

“…we could cook somethin new // or go grab a brew and jus kick it, lemme get next to you // and if you’re tired I can drive while you roll down the windows // and let your hair flow when the wind blows // it’s a beautiful night for two people so suitable // to find common light, hit the cruise control”

Gnotes - We Can Roll (feat. Noni Kai)

Mixtape Cover of the Day...

Mixtape Cover of the Day
Curren$y - Higher Than 30,000 Feet
Great mixtape cover. The Rat Pack aka old Young Money, now that Curren$y
is not apart of Y.M. He does what he does best breaking up weed.lol

'What If They Were Legos' Part 5

Run DMC — King of Rock


OJ DA Juiceman Interview..

OJ Da Juiceman talks about 'Eating Pussy' and 'Getting Head'
'Let me borrow your jaw' - OJ Da Juiceman.lmfao.

The Daily Hit..Courtesy Bluntcruise.com

Have been checking in constantly with Bluntcruise.com lately and enjoying the older music they post. they post The Daily Hit everyday and I am pssing it in the rotation to you from time to time. Just some good old school hip-hop.The Best.

“Who’s the suspicious character strapped with the sounds profound // Similar to rounds spit by Derringers // You’re in the Terrordome like my man Chuck D said // It’s time to dethrone you clones, and all you knuckleheads // Cuz MC’s have used up extended warranties // While real MC’s and DJ’s are a minority…”

Gang Starr - You Know My Steez
Listen to Guru talk at the start.That is Guru is one of the best.
"We use certain formulas'....'Everything has a message' - Guru


So this kid[I am not using names for legal purposes.haha] thinks he can come after me because I support Tech Support, STREET, and the rest of their crew and what they are doing. I have never tried to contact you a in anyway. You added me on facebook. I never got this picture for Tech support. They did that on their own. I wouldn't waste my time trying stalk you ever, Your a wigger from New Jersey. I could give two shits about you. But what Tech is doing is the right thing. He is a REAL DJ. He is sick of these wack copy and paste mixtape dj's like you, who don't even mix the songs. Hence the name MIXTAPE, you mix the music in a way to enjoy the music better and a better flow. You have yet to release any of your own music or beats. Start releasing your own shit for a change. So I am stating this to tell you to leave me out of this. I DO NOT work for Tech or STREET in anyway nor would they want anything to do with a whiteboy from Michigan. Tech I support you and Street and everything you guys do. Leave me out from now on. Get at me if you have a beat or something like that not anything else. I really hope you realize what you are doing with this whole ordeal. You are messed up to not realize you are not a dj and have no good mixtapes and no reason for going after Tech. I hope you realize your making huge mistakes.

Mixtape Cover of the Day...

Mixtape Cover of the Day
Tony Yayo - Bloody XMAS
As I am bumping Young Buck right now...I felt I should post this cover as the
Mixtape Cover of the Day. I don't like Yayo at all from G-Unit, but 50 can get a little annoying at times and Banks stays under the radar. Young Buck is one of my favorite artists. Never listened to a song on this mixtape.

What If They Were Legos Part 4
Gang Starr - No More Mr. Nice Guy
Guru is one of the greatest emcees in hip-hop. Premier with beats that
are very simple but go so great with Guru. Wish the had a new album.


The Friday Hip-Hop Report....

Fast & Furious Edition
Courtesy Jump Off T.V

Mixtape Cover of the Day...

Mixtape Cover of the Day
Mr. Peter Parker presents Asher Roth's Day Off
Don't know anything about it but what it says on the cover.
Courtesy of MIXFEED

'What If They Were Legos' Part 3

Outkast — Stankonia


Mixtape Cover of the Day...

Mixtape Album Cover of the Day
Cam'ron - Crime Pays out May 5.
Well instead of Mixtape Cover of the Day, it's Album.
Can't wait for this album to drop....Killa Cam is back...
Courtesy of MIXFEED
Click Here for tracklist.

Like I said yesterday there will be a What If They Were Legos

Dr. Dre — The Chronic

This is Why You're Fat...

Two Pound McDonald’s Cheeseburger
Two Pound McDonald’s Cheeseburger (submitted by Spanno via flickr)
Everyone like Micky D's....No one could not try to eat this.

Rico Fonzarelli & Papa Duck with two Tracks.......

Like all of Rico Fonzarelli's tracks a lot. A Southwest Detroit native, so you
know I support him to the fullest. Love this track as much as the original.

Rico Fonzarelli - Motor City Stars Remix4/5
'This is real Detroit music, right here' - Rico F.
That says enough right there...

Papa Duck - Dirty Money3/5
Papa Duck is starting to kinda grow on me. Good track, a little to slow for me.
Bonus: Papa Duck - Dope Boy

April Fools Singles...

Kid Cudi Feat. Wale - Up In The Stars Prod. By Breez5/5
Finally Cudi has dropped a new track. With his early retirement that
didn't happen, thank god. He goes great with Wale.

Lil Boosie Feat. Fox Mouse - Loose as a Goose
Def. a banger in the ride. Typical Boosie, that is fast paste.
It is a good track.

Rich Boy - It's Over 3/5
I feel Rich Boy is like Young Dro a real artist. He drops some good
rhymes that I don't usually hear from Rich Boy. Good Song..

Chopper Young City Feat. Gucci Mane - It's All Good
Chopper Young City???Gucci has a good part at the end.
2/5 because only good part is Gucci.

Digital Alanta - Lights Out 2/5
Thoguht the song was better the first time I heard it.

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